Oil & Gas



Oil & Gas

No. Project Nature of Work Client Status
1 Multi Product Transfer Cross Country Pipe Line Project for BPCL Refinery, Mumbai. Design and Detailed Engineering ABAN Constructions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Completed
2 Upgradation of Agartala Dome EPS – ONGC / Baramura Pre Bid Assistance L&T ECC, Kolkata Completed
3 Upgradation of GCS – ONGC at Kuthalam, For MRPL, HPCL. Pre Bid Assistance L&T ECC, Chennai. Completed
4 ATF Hydrant Refuelling System at Agra AFS. Detailed Engineering N.R. Patel, Chennai. Completed
5 Anand – Rajkot Cross Country Pipeline Pre Bid Assistance Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd. Hyderabad Completed
6 Petroleum Products Storage Tank Farm for MRPL. Hassan / Ennore /Reliance Petro, Jahmnagar. Pre Bid Assistance N.R.Patel & Co.Spic Jel. Completed
7 LPG Bulk Storage and Distribution Project Detailed Engineering Elforge Limited Completed
8 Extension of ATF Hydrant Refuelling System at Trivandrum Airport Detailed Engineering IOCL. Cochin Completed
9 ATF Hydrant Refuelling System at Mauritius Airport. Detailed Engineering & Field Engineering Arun Fabricators, Mauritius Completed
10 Oil & Gas Transfer lines from Jetty to Tank farm Design and Detailed Engineering CFM, Mozambique. ANFRENA, Maputo. Completed
11 Diesel oil storage Tank farm & distribution Pre – Bid Assistance Petromac, Moatize. AGR Petro Projects, Hyderabad. Completed
12 Furnace oil / Diesel Oil Tank Fabrication Drawings for Tanks ACHME Fabricators. Chennai-83. Completed
13 Tankages for Gas oil, Fuel oil and MO Gas oil Tanks Pre – Bid Assistance Seychells Petroleum Co Ltd, Port Victoria. Completed
14 Thermic Fluid Distribution System Stress Analysis and Support Engineering Indian Additives Ltd, Chennai. Completed
15 Tankages for Additives Feasibility study for capacity augmentation. Indian Additives Ltd, Chennai. Completed
16 LPG Bullets Preliminary Design & Pre – Bid Assistance. Cetex petrochemicals Ltd, Manali Chennai. Completed
17 Petroleum Products storage terminal Design and Detailed Engineering Nacala – Mozambique Completed
18 LPG cross country pipe line (710 Kms) for IOCL Process Engineering, Design vetting HRC Projects Completed
19 Petroleum Products storage terminal for IOCL, Korukkupet Feasibility study for upgradation I.O.C.L. Completed
20 Petroleum Products Storage and Distribution Design and Detailed Engineering Petromoc/ Vale – Moatize, Mozambique Completed
21 Petroleum Products storage terminal, Mozambique.. Pre Bid engineering Assistance. LPG Terminal at Beira Completed
22 Petroleum Products storage terminal for IOCL Chithoor. Design and Detailed Engineering. Arun Fabricators Completed
23 Beira Oceanic Installation, Petroleum Products Storage Tanks. Design and Fabrication Drawing. Arun Fabricators Completed
24 Petroleum Products storage terminal for IOCL, Jharsuguda. Design and Detailed Engineering. Petromoc, Beira Arun Fabricators Completed
25 Petroleum Products storage terminal for IOCL, Paradheep. Design and Detailed Engineering. NR Patel Completed
26 Unloading and Tranfer of LPG Bulk LPG Mounded Storage (3 x 1000 MT) facility at Maputo, Mozambique. Basic and detail Engineering. Petromoc, Mozambique Completed
27 Storage tank design. Tank Design and Detailed Engineering. IAL, Chennai Completed
28 Piping Flexibility Analysis . Stress Analysis, Isometric & Support Engineering. Puma International, Matola Oil Jetty, Mozambique Completed
29 Dock Lines from CPCL Refinery to Chennai Port. Route Survey and Preparation of As Built drawings of Pipeline Corridor, for PESO approval. I.O.C.L. TNSO Completed
30 Petroleum Terminal for IOCL Sankari. Conducting Hydraulic Study & Stress Analysis for Critical Oil Pipe Lines I.O.C.L. TNSO. Completed



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